Sportswear for under stress

The story of Igor and James is a tale of two long-time friends from different backgrounds but with a common passion: sport. Working out regularly they noticed the quality of the average sportswear left much to be desired. Under stress seams were torn loose. Wear and tear caused by intense scuffing appeared earlier than expected, colors faded easily through frequent washing and in some cases proper fitment was a problem.

After too many disappointments both men came to realize things should be done better. After many days and nights of planning and discussing they laid the foundation for the clothing brand of their own. With high quality, perfect fit and unique designs in mind both men started a worldwide search for the best garments available. When they found what they were looking for production and shipping were still far away. First of all they took their clothing up to the test to make sure they could deliver exactly what they had in mind.

With absolute robustness and durability in mind now they are ready to launch their brand and make their first steps in to the world. Igor and James: happy to serve you with high end sportswear that not only feels great but most of all makes you look on your best. Both in the gym as in your favorite club on your best day of the week.

Igor & James

What about the grid?

Besides being the creative designer for Igor and James; James also works as a professional military photographer for the Dutch Armed Forces. Before he pursued that career, he served as an infantryman with 11 Air Mobile Brigade. During one of his tours in Afghanistan a roadside bomb blew up his vehicle. Shortly after this incident James was flown straight to hospital for severe injuries to his spine. Recovery took many months and also many, many hours of therapy in the gym. To celebrate the fact that he regained his health through sport James came up with the idea to have the military grid printed on a special line of sportswear. The coordinates resemble the exact location where the incident took place.

32°51′01.5″N 66°04′38.8″E

How about the Logo?

Two leaves, but not just regular leaves. These leaves belong to the Ginkgo biloba tree, the oldest tree on the planet. It not only survived the ice age, but it also survived the atomic blast of Hiroshima that took place in August 1945. The Leaves symbolize hope, peace, health and luck. A symbol what perfectly stands for our story of Igor & James.


With a part of the income we will organize an annual day for wounded soldiers and support other charities that help people who due other circumstances cannot play sports. With this contribution we want to make people aware it’s important to help others and make them feel confident!

Igor & James